2133 Pembroke Rd

Hollywood, FL 33020



Andres C.

Good prices for paint job they charge me only 50 dollars for paint one little part other body shops try to charge 150 and up so I do recommend

Norma L.

Very reliable people the work is done very well


David S.

Absolutely confidently endorse and recommend. They had the lowest of 3 quotes, the fastest turn around time and they not only didn't add any last minute additional costs, they gave me a discount instead. My car looks brand new again. Look at my before and after pics. Staff is super friendly, called me when car was ready and on the day they said it would be ready. They also buffed and cleaned my car so she honestly looked better than when I bought her. Good shops and honest people are hard to find, Brilliant has both.

Eric R.

Owners are super nice including Joe! I had the option of going to Maaco down the street but chose them because of the family business and customer service. My car came out perfect. My headlights were fogged and worn and they buffed them out for without me asking! Thats customer service!!!

Jo K.

AMAZING!!! Great, family owned and down to earth place. Id give'm my business again in a heart beat!! But hopefully I wont need to...